Norman E. Mark Court Reporter Service was founded in 1970 by Fargo Court Reporter Norman E. Mark, RPR, RMR.   Known for over four decades as the preeminent court reporting firm in Fargo, Norm Mark and his team of highly experienced and skilled court reporters built their reputation as a trusted and respected name in the industry by consistently providing superior service in the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas.

In October 2016, after 53 years behind the steno machine and in anticipation of retirement, Norm Mark sold his prestigious firm to Paradigm Reporting & Captioning, the leader in court reporting and closed-captioning services in Minnesota.  “We are very excited to expand our services into the Fargo-Moorhead community by partnering with Norm’s wonderful team,” said Jan Ballman, FAPR, RPR, CMRS; President & CEO of Paradigm.

In June of 2018, Paradigm and Norm Mark were pleased to expand their suite of offerings by partnering with the nation’s #1 provider of court reporting services, Veritext Legal Solutions.  The partnership perfectly paired Norm Mark’s top local reporting talent with proprietary technology and industry-leading data security.

“When you combine Norm Mark’s expertise, experience and strength of team with Veritext’s state-of-the-art, client-facing litigation support, we most definitely are better together,” Ballman stated.

With 60 offices nationwide and the ability to handle litigation needs across the globe, you can be sure you’ll hit the mark with Norm Mark Court Reporter Services.


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